Byty Hlučín



number of flats: 143 flats

parking: 135 parking spots

size: 1+KB up 4+KB

living area: 33 - 115 m²

ownership: personal

start date: 8/2007

completion date: 12/2008


3D Visualisation of the Apartment Exterior of the ''Byty Hlučín'' Housing ProjectMore than ten years have passed since the last housing estate consisting of concrete blocks of flats was built in Hlučín. But now we have the opportunity to offer you, beyond compare, far more excellent housing - a new project called “Byty Hlučín”.

By the end of 2008, a complex of five six-floor apartment blocks with 143 apartments and 135 parking spots in total will be built in a part of Hlučín called “Rovniny”. The housing complex will be erected at an open space between the existing housing estate in Dukelská Street and detached houses in Rovniny Street.

The main characteristics of the new housing complex: A high housing standard in modern apartment blocks made of brick masonry, a balcony or a terrace for each apartment, a chamber on each floor instead of cellars, and a sufficient number of parking spots.

Apartments situated at ground level have direct access to the terrace and to the garden, whereas higher-floor apartments have a nice view of the wooded hills south of Hlučín. All apartments were designed with the maximal utilisation of daylight in mind. There will be playgrounds for children and benches for relaxation within the housing complex. The housing complex is located in a quiet area of Hlučín free from traffic noise.

The apartment composition will enable you to choose from smaller 1-room and 2-room apartments up to larger 3-room and 4-room apartments where each family member can find its space. One of the rooms in each combination contains a kitchenette. 

Client-suited adaptations” are a must – floorings, facings, doors and door casings may be supplied in line with the requirements of the clients. It will be possible to adapt the layout of the particular apartments at an early stage of the construction process.

NahoruLocation: Hlučín

Hlučín CastleThe town of Hlučín is located at the foot of the hills called “Hlučínská pahorkatina” and north of the Opava River Basin in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. This town is one of the “natural” centres of the former Opava district. Hlučín with its nearly 15,000 inhabitants falls into a category of medium-sized towns. In the past, some small villages were administratively joined to and later separated from Hlučín.

Currently, two outside villages - Bobrovníky and Darkovičky - form an administrative part of the town of Hlučín. Hlučín is located on a road running from Ostrava (12 km away) to Opava (25 km away), and close to the border with Poland. This location guarantees good accessibility from neighbouring regions as well as from nearby Poland and the Slovak Republic.

NahoruLocation of the Housing Project

Location of the Byty Hlučín Housing ProjectThe housing project is located at one of the few open spaces in the inner town - in the neighbourhood of an old housing estate formed by concrete blocks of flats in Dukelská Street (on the south), and it is enclosed by Jaroslav Seifert Street from south-east and an unpaved local road from north-east.

The location situated on the Ostrava-Opava route is easily accessible by bus. All important institutions, schools, shops, services, health care centres, leisure-time and sports facilities, and other amenities can be found in the surroundings of the housing complex (within 500 m).

NahoruTransport Options

By Car

There is an excellent connection from Ostravská Street (400 m away) to Ostrava (12 km away) by using the D47 motorway (7 km away) currently under construction. The nearest border crossings to Poland are in Šilheřovice (8 km away) and in the direction of Opava (25 km away).

By Bus

The nearest bust stop is approximately 400 m away. There are bus connections to Ostrava, Opava, Bohumín and to nearby villages. The bus services are run by the Ostrava Municipal Transport Company and by companies participating in “ODIS” – an integrated public transport system in the Ostrava region.

By Train

You can utilise train connections in the direction of Opava from the local railway station (1.5 km away).

NahoruCultural life, Amusement and Leisure Time Activities

Children’s RanchSummer visitors to Hlučín can make the most of a recreational and sports facility situated on the bank of a large artificial lake. You can swim either in the lake or in an open-air swimming pool. There is a pool for children there as well. Those interested in sports and games can use miniature golf and volleyball playgrounds, water ski tows, and boat and water bike rental services situated directly on the premises of the recreational and sports facility. Restaurants, fast-food outlets and various stands can be found there as well.

The Military Museum in Darkovičky (part of the town of Hlučín) featuring military fortifications is another Hlučín’s tourist attraction you cannot miss.

The surrounding area of Hlučín is very convenient for hiking. This area is crossed by marked hiking paths which will lead you to many places of interest. As the Hlučín area is interwoven with cycling paths of local, regional as well as international importance, cycling is a fast developing form of pastime there.

Golf Course in ŠilheřoviceThe village of Šilheřovice (8 km away) is another interesting place with the oldest golf course in the Czech Republic. An eighteen-hole golf course “Park Golf Club Ostrava” opened in 1970 is situated in a 98-hectare English-style park.

There is an almost 30-hectare forest in the vicinity of Šilheřovice with a well-known pheasantry called “Bažantnicefounded by a forester named Exner. There are two nature reserves there - “Černý les I” and “Černý les II” (Black Forest I and Black Forest II).

The proximity of Ostrava offers far more opportunities for amusement and cultural life there.

Hlučín Gravel-pitGolf Course in ŠilheřoviceHlučín Church